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Beaver Web Summer Camp

Join Abby and Aaliyah for a fun FREE virtual camp for kids 6-9 years-old,
3 days a week June 29th- July 1st for 2 hours 11AM EST - 1:00PM EST.

 They will play games like Charades, do different art form such as bubble paint and sponge painting, have educational video for the kids to watch and engage in, and will also have competition like dance party and song association. There will also be a day where the activities are left to the kids so they can feel free to express.

Hi my name is Aaliyah, I’m 17 years old, I’ll be a high school senior in the fall. I love reading a lot. My favorite book is probably Anne Frank. My hobbies are skating and playing tennis. I’m interested in going to college next fall. I’m excited to work with kids because I did that during my school year tutoring little kids, so I’m interested in working with your kids. It’s gonna be so much fun!

Hello my name is Abigayle I am 17 years old and l am about to be a senior. I am originally from Jamaica but I reside in NewYork today. l enjoy singing and listening to music. My favorite artists are James Arthur and Lewis Capaldi .I play tennis and am interested in soft football. I am also interested in going to college next fall . I am very much excited to work with kids as l did before, l was a tutor for first graders up to fourth graders.




11:00 -11:45

Introduction -the kids can tell us about themselves and what they expected and what they want to do



Break for lunch



Watch a educative video and discuss (LEAPFROG)



Play a game of charades and song association



Break for lunch



Card making for a special person

For this activity we will need:

  • Scissors (supervised by an adult)

  • Colored paper(at least 4)

  • Glue

  • Pencil

  • Markers or crayons

  • Glitter (optional) 




Play a game of Simone says and words in the Alphabet


Break for lunch

12:00 -1:00

We will make rainbow slime that glows in the dark

For this activity we will need:

  • Glue( glow in the dark)

  • Food coloring at (at least 5 )

  • Glitter

  • Baking soda

  • Dishwashing liquid

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