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The Circle of Trust for Today's Modern Family

Kumbaya App, a platform allow parents to exchange care tasks.

What We Do

Kumbaya is an app that  lets you tap into the circle of your most trusted people, to mutually exchange help with essential care tasks - effortlessly.

Whether you’re caught up in a meeting, your babysitter flakes or you just need a break, it’s the peace of mind of knowing that someone’s got your back. No more scrambling, anxiety and fear - with Kumbaya, a trusted solution is always a tap away. Now doesn’t that feel good?

Help from the people you trust most

Easily send requests, ask for what you need, and be there for them when they need you

Guilt-free requests

Thanks to Kumbaya’s reciprocity mindset, stop apologizing for what you need - pay it forward, get it back!

Feed of appreciation

Show the love for your tribe - when they help you out, give them their props so everyone can see how awesome they are


How It Works

"The Midday Crisis"

“I can’t believe it! They just called from daycare, Emma has a fever, my partner is on a business trip and I’m stuck in this meeting. What now? I wish I could ping Donna to pick her up, I trust her with my life and my kids, but I don’t want to bother her in the middle of the day...”


Our Story

One night while enjoying a family dinner together, we talked about how, while living among close and great friends, we still feel unsupported and alienated, especially when we need something unexpected and feel helpless.

We shared how crazy it was that we’re surrounded by people we trust, yet we feel uncomfortable and guilty asking them for help. On the other hand, we really want to help our friends out when they need us the most, but we don’t always know how or when.

“If I had an easy way of asking my friends for help, knowing I can return a favor quickly, I would be much calmer, less anxious and more focused on my daily life.” Well, this wish was our command - and it became our mission and passion.​

Kumbaya was born from a strong need and a deep understanding that to get by in today’s crazy world, we must tap into our existing resources and help each other out. Kumbaya is here to make mutual help easy and tap into trusted circles that are already there, waiting for our call. Just reach out and tap



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Chen is a serial entrepreneur, a former European champion hurdler and a mother of 3 young children. She co-founded & led 2 tech companies: SimilarTech, ClicksMob which was acquired in 2017.  


Chen always said that her next company will make an impact on people’s lives. She is very passionate about helping people thrive in their professional life while raising children in the modern world and Kumbaya is the perfect culmination of the two.


Chen graduated cum laude from Brandeis University with a BA in Business and Economics and holds an MBA from Bar Ilan University in Israel and Fudan University in China.

 Chief Executive Officer of Kumbaya

Chen Yahav-Levanon

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Adi Edited.jpg

Adi is a behavioral science expert in the field of community, technology and consumer behavior. She is a researcher in the field of human computing interaction and well-being and holds a Ph.D. in psychology, L.L.B in Law and B.A in Business and IT.

Adi states that making a positive impact on people’s life has been her life-long passion. She spent the past few years building products to increase people’s well-being and positive experiences.


Adi has 2 young children. She loves listening to audio books, playing the piano and spending time with her family and friends.

 Chief Behavioral Officer of Kumbaya

Adi Zief-Balteriski, Ph.D.

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