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Memorial Day Promotion! 

Book a virtual session with a gigster by Monday (May 25) at 11pm, enjoy an hour to yourself, and receive a $5 Amazon card!

How to get a toddler interact virtually

  • Prepare your child in advance, explain it's "fun time".

  • Emphasize there is a teen- young person- on the other end.

  • If the gigster has a video on his intro show it to the child.

  • You can contact the gigster to let him know the situation.

  • Be in the room when they start.


Feedback of the week

This past week, while Sheltering in Place, my two teens have been earning extra cash and having fun babysitting, leading kids in arts & crafts, teaching little ones to dance, ALL ONLINE. My fourth grader is getting tutored online by a friend’s Gigster so she doesn’t fall behind. And I can GET WORK DONE

Fun facts about last week

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