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We currently have a variety of Intern positions. Interns will be responsible for assisting SIG SAUER across a variety of functions in areas matching their backgrounds and interest. These include but are not limited to areas of Engineering, Marketing, Finance and Operations. They will serve a support role in the organization working with the leadership team within their assigned group.
This internship will help you acquire an understanding of a variety of skills and provide you with knowledge of various strategies in your chosen area. Ultimately, you will gain broad experience and should be prepared to enter a fast-paced work environment.

Varied internships available based on Interns background

Ruderman Family Foundation

Media and advocacy Intern

The Media Intern main responsibilities include providing social media support and program officer support for media, design . These responsibilities include:
• Building and implementing social media campaigns for the Foundation's programs and internal initiatives
• Assisting in podcast planning, production, post-production, and distribution.
• Editing video segments and creative art work
• Working with advocacy team and program officers to enhance content development
• Collect and maintain data related to social media platforms
• Research current social media trends
• Draft and design reports
• Other administrative tasks as needed

Media and Advocacy

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Marketing Intern

The marketing internship provides an opportunity for students who are pursing a business degree and desire to get hands on experience in the business of life science. The intern will work with marketing in a fast-paced environment to build engaging, technical, scientific content and the impact it can have in the medical marketplace. The internship will focus on leveraging best practices using digital marketing, sales force tools, payer tactics and patient focus initiatives. The internship will also focus on building a strong community on our social media platform. Native English a must.