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  • Adi Zief-Balteriski, Ph.D.

How to Keep Your Kids Engaged in Online Sessions

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

With everything being transferred to an online format due to the COVID-19 lockdown, it can be hard to keep our kids focused throughout the day. There are an infinite amount of distractions coming from the TV or the computer screen in front of them that take the focus away from online learning. These distractions can also impact sessions with a Kumbaya gigster. Our blog post aims to guide parents that are booking services through Kumbaya on the best ways to prepare your child for an online session with a teen.

After hiring a gigster through Kumbaya, whether for a virtual tutoring session or music lesson, prep with your child before the session begins to ensure they remain attentive. A great way to do this is to familiarize your child with your chosen gigster. If the gigster has an intro video uploaded, show it to the child so they get used to their voice and what they look like. Additionally, seeing how they react is a good way to tell who is the best fit to conduct these sessions.

Make sure to set the scene for your child; instead of making it seem like they’re going into an hour-long session of learning something that they may not be the biggest fan of, talk about the gigster and the time spent as something positive and fun. You can even introduce the gigster as a “buddy” or “a big sibling” which will help your kid relate more to the teen. You could also bring in some type of reward system for staying engaged (sticker systems are great!).

By communicating with the gigster and giving some information about your kid beforehand, you will help customize the session to your child’s needs. Having the teen start light will ensure your child doesn’t feel overwhelmed on the first day. You can also ask your child beforehand if there are any games they want to play. This will make them feel like they have control by doing something they enjoy. Additionally, you can advise the gigster ahead of time what this game is, and they can start the session with that as an icebreaker.

Once it is time for the gig to begin, stay in the room with your child at the beginning of the session, and observe until you feel like it’s okay to leave your kid with the gigster.

Try out these methods if you notice your kid isn’t as engaged with the gigster as you would like and see if there are any improvements the next time!

Go book your first gig (the first hour is on us!) and let us know how it goes by sending an email to contactus@mykumbaya.com.

Kumbaya can be downloaded on the App Store for iOS devices, or Google Play for Android. For more information, visit the website at www.mykumbaya.com.

About the author

Dr. Adi Zief-Balteriski is the Chief Behavioral Officer and co-founder of Kumbaya. She is a psychologist and product manager with a history of working on wellbeing and community products.

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