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  • Yali Lev & Ally Shirman

How to make your introduction stand out

When parents scroll through the profiles of many gigsters, they will eventually pick one person - based on their rate, possible experience, and most importantly, on how the gigster presents themselves as a person for their kids to interact with.

You want to make sure that you will be the person they decide to hire. Whether you’re only now creating your profile or want to upgrade it, make sure to follow these guidelines to have a greater chance of getting more gigs.

Number One: Explain what you offer, in detail. Parents already can see the services you’ve selected as gigs, but they want to know more. If you offer tutoring, for example, the intro is the place to explain what type of tutoring you can do - like Japanese, Geometry, U.S. History, etc. (NOT just language or math).

If you offer babysitting, you can go into details about what you like to do with kids during the session, or that you like working with kids.

Anything that enhances what you offer with background information makes you seem more rounded and interesting.

Number Two: Add relevant experience. It’s absolutely okay if you don’t have any experience in tutoring, pet-care, babysitting, or whatever it is you offer. Parents understand that teenagers don’t have a lot of life experience yet!

Even so, adding things like “I have a younger brother that I love to hang out with” or “I got honors roll for my Algebra 2 class” authenticates that you are fit for what you’re offering, even if it’s not technically official experience in your service.

Obviously if you do happen to have experience in the job, make sure to note that in your intro!

Number Three: Note your general availability. Parents often want to continue working with the same gigster over multiple sessions to create a relationship between you and their child. If you’re able to work with kids multiple times a week, say that! If you can do sessions longer than an hour, note it!

Number Four: Add your rate in your intro if it changes based on different services. If you’re offering different services that you feel deserve different pay rates, make sure to note what the different rates are; In your overall profile, you can only choose one general charge per hour, so you want the details reflected in your introduction.

For example, if you are offering pet-care and tutoring, you may want to charge more for the tutoring than pet-care, since it takes more preparation, experience, and focus. You could note that difference in your introduction so potential parents you work with know that you’re not charging the same amount for each type of service.

Number Five: Note the general area you live in (if you offer in-person services). If you plan to work with kids in person, parents need to know if you’re within a reasonable distance to hire you. Don’t put your home address - just put the city you live in, or the area you are comfortable traveling in.

Number Six: Let your personality shine through! Knowing the type of person you are is a factor many parents consider when hiring someone to be interacting with their kids. Make your profile unique to you. A great way to tell if you’re successful at this is to have friends or family look at a line-up of multiple intros, and see if they can tell which one is yours.

Adding a video really helps with this aspect, even if it’s just you talking about the same information that’s in your profile. Having a face to complete your profile makes you stand out as an actual person, rather than another block of text to choose from. The video doesn’t need to be anything fancy, just 30 seconds of you introducing yourself, your services, and why you want to work with potential parents’ kids.

Once you feel like you have an intro that represents you in the best way possible, you’ll feel more confident in getting more gigs!

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