• Yali Lev & Ally Shirman

How to Price a Gig

Updated: Aug 27

Making Money As a Teen on Kumbaya App

Figuring out how to set your rate for your gigs can be a tricky task, but it’s important to set a relatively cheap price to get more gigs.

Think About Your Customer

Think about your customer. These are almost all parents looking for help with their kids. Rather than going to a professional tutor, babysitter, or pet sitter, parents are on Kumbaya App to help you make some cash and more importantly for them, to find someone who can work at a cheaper rate than adult professionals.

Think About Your Value

Think about what you bring to the table: What background experience and/or knowledge do you have that is relevant to the service you’re offering? How is your service unique from others?

Think About Your Cost

Also think about what your cost is when you host a session. How much time are you putting into gigs? Is there a lot of prep work beforehand? How much? Are you using any materials? If so, how much do they cost for you to have?

Consider Your Profit Margin When Selecting Gigs

Taking into account these variables, figure out a rate that gives you a profit - one that is a higher number than however much you pay in terms of time and any materials you use. The higher your profit margin, the more you should be offering on the table for parents in terms of value and time. Someone with no experience tutoring and no resources to help the kid learn should be offering a lower price than a teen with experience and practice materials for kids.

Taking this into action, remember that parents are looking for reasonable prices given by teens, not professionals, so make sure your rate isn’t too high - you’ll get fewer requests if it’s pricey.

Ready to start? Click here to start your Kumbaya App journey and make money, or if you’re already signed up, have your parent update your rate in the app.

About the author

Yali Lev is part of the Kumbaya team. She provides teens the tools to succeeded in the marketplace ecosystem, and earn more money!

Ally Shirman is an intern at Kumbaya. She is studying cognitive science at UCLA, and shares to teens the resources they need to be able to succeed in the workplace!