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Sharing is Still Caring

Look. Parent to parent, we know what it’s like having our kids at home… it’s been a long year! And it’s exhausting. You deserve a break. You deserve to put your feet up and enjoy a sweet cup of tea, made by your teen - without you even having to ask. Imagine, if your own child took more initiative.

Well it’s something we are all struggling with. How can we encourage our children to be more PROACTIVE?

We’ve been thinking about it for a while and we have come up with an idea, to teach our teens how to do more for others… How did this idea come about?

The ‘C’ word. No, not COVID-19 or Coronavirus… Instead, something great and positive that has manifested as light in the darkness of this terrible time… COMMUNITY.

Teaching our children the importance of their social circles and of showing kindness to others, teaching and understanding skills that we, ourselves, may take for granted.

But, how can we spread this message? By teaching our little loves how to grow their own community in this new world of social-distancing, masked-expressions and the fear of the unknown.

So what can we do at Kumbaya to aid this idea and their individual growth?

Let us guide our teens, in this time where so much is so unknown, to take control. To take up space. To be confident and fearless. To be more expansive. More courageous. Simply, MORE of who they really ARE.

Take initiative! Believe in themselves and strive to be the leader.

Imagine a world, where each of us all raises our own little lighthouses. Here to guide the way for a brighter future.

So where do we begin? And how do we get there?


The Kumbaya Ripple. We believe that sharing really is caring. In a time when loneliness is at an all-time high, we need to start reaching out to those around us.

We welcome you to encourage your teen to invite their friends to teach online, to extend a metaphorical-hand and invite the child next door to get involved in an art class, to amplify the message of building up a community of interaction in an online space, where each individual teen and child gains either in a monetary, mindful or mental way. And they learn life skills along the journey.

A ripple becomes a wave.

Let us teach our children these life lessons so that they can learn understanding and compassion, creating their own calm in a storm of confusion.

All of these lessons will come back around in a circle. Much like a ripple.

Now is the time, more than ever, to dedicate time to each other and reap the rewards as a parent, to a child who will tell you to put up your feet and make you a cup of tea, without you even having to ask.

It really could be a perfect world. It’s up to us to raise those, who can make it such.

Lots of love,

The Kumbaya Team

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