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  • Adi Zief-Balteriski, Ph.D.

The Struggle of Finding a Job as a Teen

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

Ron, a 16 year old, tutors kids throughout the school year and is looking for ways to make money in the summer. This summer’s job search is providing uniquely difficult circumstances for Ron and other teens to find jobs; many companies are closing their doors to new hires due to the economic downturn caused by the coronavirus, and lots are firing staff they already had. Thankfully Ron has grown up in a family where he doesn’t have to worry about money, since his parents have stable jobs. Instead, Ron wants to fund his car insurance and save for college, and “start acting like in real life.”

Other teens don’t have a choice in seeking out a job. 17 year old Rene has been working at a toy store for two years as a way to help her parents with money and to fund herself. But with her hours drastically cut due to the pandemic, she isn’t able to support her family like she could before. “I want to work for more than three hours, and would love to pick up more shifts, but my boss can’t provide me with it.” Rene turned to Facebook and created a post asking her friends for help in finding another job.

Like Rene and Ron, many teens are struggling to find a job, and a majority of those teens depend on that money to fund expenses their parents can’t afford, like getting a driver’s license, getting car insurance, having extra cash for social activities and more. A lot of teens are also carrying a large burden of helping their parents with income, especially with the unemployment rate skyrocketing recently.

Summer Jobs For Teens Look Different In The Pandemic

Every year, teens take advantage of the long break to work and earn money. This year, it’s a whole different ball game. The jobs teens used to have before the pandemic are disappearing, and in spots available, priority is being given to unemployed adults; they aren’t restricted with the number of hours they can work in a week, age, or restrictions on the type of job because they aren’t minors. Teens aren’t getting employment since the assumption is that the parents are taking care of it. The pandemic created an almost impossible situation for teens, where they want to work but few places are looking to hire.

The Benefits of A Summer Job For A Teen

Working as a teen provides a source of developing responsibility and independence, and also adds to the resume early on, rather than later. Even during the school year, many teens look to work at least three hours a week.

Jobs For Teens on Kumbaya App

This is where Kumbaya App comes in. Many parents understand the struggle teens face when searching for jobs, and at the same time, have tasks they’d rather have someone else do - like watching over their kids, teaching their kids skills like math or writing, doing their yard work, or completing office and technology projects.

Kumbaya App creates a platform for parents to hire teens - giving teens control over their rates, hours, and job and giving parents the free time they need to relax or catch up on other tasks.

Download the app by clicking on the icon below if you’re a parent of a teen, or click here if you’re a teen to get started.

About the author

Dr. Adi Zief-Balteriski is the Chief Behavioral Officer and co-founder of Kumbaya. She is a psychologist and product manager with a history of working on wellbeing and community products.

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