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How do I get started?

Ask your parents to download Kumbaya App on their phone. Then they need to:

  • Add you as a gigster.
  • Mark you as a "Public Gigster" if they’re okay with your profile showing up to people outside their contacts. (refer to "What’s the difference between being a Public Gigster and not?" to understand the difference between private and public profiles).
  • Share your profile with their friends to start getting requests.
When a parent creates a request and chooses you, an SMS text will be sent to you with the details and link to your dashboard where you can keep track of your gigs and be informed in your feed. Your parents can also see your activity on their app.

Will my parent be managing my gigs?

No. Your parent needs to download the app and enter you as a gigster. Your parent only creates your profile and provide their consent. After you are in the system they no longer manage your activities. You can do it via your dashboard. When creating your profile you will need to write down an intro and add a video to make your profile more attractive. You can learn more here. After that, you'll receive an SMS every time you get a request, so you can directly coordinate with the parents hiring you using your dashboard.

Do I have an app?

No, currently you have mobile or web access, but we listened to your feedback and we are building it now. You’ll receive a link through SMS text when your parent added you and every time you get a request. You have your own dashboard where you can find your activities, and a feed with relevant information and updates. On the dashboard we will provide tips and training on how to better position yourself, and ways to promote your profile. You can also follow up on Instagram @kumbayateens

How do I get hired?

Parents on the app who like your profile will request a gig with you. You should receive an SMS with the details of the request. You can also promote yourself and tell parents to search your profile and hire you.

How much should I charge for gigs?

Check out our blog on How to Price a Gig

How do my parents promote me?

Your parent should send your profile to their trusted friends through the app. They can also share your profile using SMS, WhatsApp, and other social media.

What’s the age requirement to be a gigster?

You need to be at least 13 years old.

How can I promote myself and how parents see me?

The best for you to promote yourself is by adding a very detailed profile intro and a short video explaining who you are and what you would like to do. Gigsters with a video get more requests than those who don't. The more you share about yourself the more comfortable parents feel to hire you. How to make the video:

  • 10-12 seconds about who you are, where you are from, your age, etc..
  • What type of services you offer on Kumbaya (virtual/in-person tutoring/babysitting, pet care, tech help)
  • Be specific with your skills - math, arts & crafts, music, coding, dog waking and more.
  • Be energetic, enthusiastic and friendly on the video! Parents show their kids the video before choosing a gigster!
You can also ask your parents to share your profile with their friends, and make your description as detailed as possible. You can also discuss with your parent in making your profile public if it isn't already, which will make it easier for parents to book you for a gig.

How do I describe what I offer?

When your parent is creating your profile, they will need to fill out the "services" tab. Work with them to put all the services you want to offer in that section. Additionally, add what you offer in the "description" section as well. You can add more detail here, and add specific services that the "services" tab does not have to choose from. You should also create a short video for parents to view - refer to "How can I promote myself and how parents see me?"

How do I change what services I offer?

Have your parent open the app, and tap on "Profile." Then they should click on your gigster profile, and choose "Edit." Once there, they can click on the area listing your services, and remove, add, or change what you want to offer. Make sure your changes are reflected in your description and video as well.

What’s the difference between being a Public Gigster and not?

If your parent marks you as a Public Gigster, you will show up to any parents looking to hire who has the app for virtual services, and they will be able to request you for a gig. For in-person services parents will need to ask permission from your parent to book a gig for you. If your parent does not mark you as public, your profile will be private and can be found by your parent sharing your profile to their network. People will be able to find you by searching for the email address your parent signed up on the app with. Parents will have to first ask permission before hiring you, unlike with public gigsters.