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How can I use the service?

If you are a parent, you can download the app below. If you are a teen looking to become a gigster, you will have access to a mobile web dashboard once you and your parent make your profile on their phone.

Can my teen sign up for Kumbaya App?

The app is for the parents only. Once you sign your teen up, you give permission for parents to contact your teens via SMS. You will have full transparency on the app and your teen will have a mobile web dashboard to keep track of their gigs once their profile is created.

How old do you need to be to work through Kumbaya?

The teen must be between 13-18 years old.

Why do I get an error if I use the same number for me and my teen?

You cannot use the same number for parents and teens. The app is for parents only and the SMS communication is for the teen to interact with parents hiring them.

How can I find the relevant teen for my kids?

You can explore gigsters on the Gigsters tab. The teens you see are either public gigsters or teens of parents you know. You can read the full profiles to see what services they provide by tapping on their name. Some gigster profiles include a video introducing themselves and what they offer. We encourage you to watch the videos to get a better sense of the gigster. You can also search for Gigsters by name or by their parent’s email address. If you are looking for gigsters with a specific service, choose one of the options in the scrollable bar - such as the “virtual tutoring” or “dog walking” tabs.

How can I recommend a gigster to a friend?

If the gigser is public, you have a Share Gigster button to send to your friends when you are on their profile. This will create a prewritten text for you to send.

How can I look for a specific gigster that doesn’t show up for me?

You can use the gigster’s parent’s email to find the profile and then ask permission to use their services.

What is Kumbaya App?

Kumbaya App helps teens make money by finding their next gig safely - whether it’s babysitting, pet-care, mommy helper, tutoring and more. Kumbaya App handles the entire interaction from beginning to end by helping match teens to gigs, creating a schedule manager, and tracking the provided service within the app.

How can you use Kumbaya App?

If you are a parent of a teen: * Fill out the teen (gigster) profile page. * Promote your gigster with your trusted contacts. * View full transparency on your teen’s gigs. If you are a parent who has a gig: * Explore the gigster tab and find gigsters you trust to help you with tutoring, babysitting, pet-care, home chores, etc. * Send a private request to one gigster or more simultaneously.

How can I engage my toddler with video sessions?

1. Prepare your child in advance, explain it's "fun time". 2. Emphasize there is a teen- young person- on the other end. 3. If the gigster has a video on his intro show it to the child to familiarize them. 4. You can contact the gigster to let them know any specifics that would make the session better ahead of time. 5. Be in the room when they start so they are more comfortable.